a graphic showing an exit sign on a freeway

What Is The Best “Exit?”

What is the best “exit?”

As you travel on the highway of working in Home Health you are presented with many directions you can take. We use GPS to find our patients homes every day, but there is not a GPS telling us where to go with day-to-day operations of an agency.

Take clinical productivity expectations, for example. Do you count visits or points? Do you assign a number of patients to a clinician or team of clinicians? Have you determined a way to measure patient outcomes? How do you count meetings and other responsibilities outside of direct patient care?

The above questions are only a small number of the things a leader in HH must navigate, or make decisions on, to make sure that you get the necessary return on investment you need to make on clinical employees.

What about deciding on whether to take a patient under care? Oh boy, my mind spins just thinking about how many factors are considered when making those kinds of decisions.

Be sure that there are many companies and consultants in our industry that are more than willing to help you better navigate the tough processes and decisions in HH. Be wary of a one stop shop approach.

Make sure to find assistance that fits your agency. Make sure you can trust who you choose. Avoid the companies that will do everything but teach nothing. Whomever you choose, should ultimately, make you and your agency better and more self-sufficient, not build dependence.

Not all “exits” get you where you want to go.