Oasis Outsourcing, Review, & ICD-10 Coding

Agencies must carefully manage resources to be successful. Finding a partner that you can trust with the essential elements of your business, like OASIS review and ICD-10 code, will free up agency staff to focus on other priority areas. The ideal partner is committed to compliance, true to their word, and a great communicator.

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OASIS Outsourcing & Review

There are many options when it comes to OASIS review but few that are as committed to reducing the number of corrections by maximizing the knowledge level of the clinicians as K&K Health Care Solutions. Our focus is not simply on payment – we understand that every item has an impact on the industry in both the short and long term. Our certified team of OASIS reviewers not only identify issues but also provides OASIS Guidance Manual-driven rationale for each change or recommendation we make. The goal is to reduce errors through OASIS outsource, which decreases the burden on the clinicians and the organization.

All members of our certified OASIS review team are located in the United States.

ICD-10 Coding

Agencies are looking for reliable, timely and ethical partners for outsourced ICD-10 coding functions. It isn’t enough to be fast – there must be confidence that the codes are fully defensible and compliant with all guidelines and conventions. K&K Health Care Solutions is that level of partner and will work collaboratively with agencies to develop the most effective and efficient outsourced ICD-10 coding program to meet their unique needs. All members of our certified ICD-10 coding team are located in the United States.

agencies need to focus on outsourced icd 10 coding to progress their businesses
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Care Plan

Agencies initiate the plan of care (POC) during the admission visit, and it should evolve over time as the patient’s needs change. K&K Health Care Solutions firmly believes that the POC must be developed by the clinicians who have assessed the patient. The role of a POC review is to ensure all required areas are complete and that they follow agency-specific processes.

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Agencies can bill with each 30-day payment episode and at the time of discharge and need to make sure all required elements are present prior to submission. The Pre-Bill Review from K&K Health Care Solutions is intended to confirm that all agency-required elements are present and compliant.