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Home Health “Logistics”

Home Health is at is core a “logistics” operation. I attribute this paraphrased quote to Lori Apple, the President & CEO of CorsoCare.  I heard her say this at a coding conference many years ago and it stuck in my head.  Not only had I never heard it phrased that way but I had also never thought of Home Health in this way.  Mostly, it stuck in my head because it was absolutely, correct.

The definition of logistics is “the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.” (“Logistics Definition & Essential Role & It’s 5 Insider Elements – Navata”)  This explains Home Health with the exception of the word “facilities.”  I replace that word with home or dwelling in the case of HH and it is an exact definition.

Every day agencies have to coordinate many clinicians and their various specialties and decide who and what the patient needs the most.  Needs the most, for what though??  It is very important that everyone knows the “why” before they can make a good decision of “what”, much less the “when” or “how.”

Logistics are chaotic when you do not have a defined goal as an organization.  Chaos in HH means less profit every time.  Extra visits, ineffective care and poorly used resources can make an already hard job feel impossible.

Start today by defining the overall primary goal of your agency. Make sure every team member knows what the goal is, so that every time they make a decision for a patient, they make it with the goal in mind.

We, at K&K, recommend the first goal for HH be keeping the patient out of the hospital as you primary goal.  This is a tough one, but it is critically important for HH and your hospital referral partners.  Make it known in your agency and make it front and center in all your staff meetings and discussions.

There are many more goal drivers that can help you improve logistics.  Reach out for consultation today!