Clearing the Path

The picture above is of a Christmas decoration that has been out in my house since last November.  I notice every now and again but just move on with my day.  It just so happens to be one of my favorite decorations and we have it on top of the fridge and it is giving a “side eye” glance to our wine rack, so there is a little humorous snark about it.

I mentioned I notice it only “every now and again”, but why have we not put it up?  Why do we allow this, obviously, out of place and time, object to remain visible in our house which is now in the beginnings of Halloween decorations??

Many of you have these same objects in your home, in your personal space and you will get no judgement here.

However, do you have any remnants in your business??

Do you have a big, bulky copy machine?  What about a fax machine??  Or, and this is the hard one, do you have people/staff in your business that are there just because they always have been??

The first 2 things I mentioned are probably in over 80% of Home Health agencies right now despite agencies being “paperless” for more than a decade.  Many of you are shaking your head at my blog and saying “but we still use them!”  My question to that is why and can you do without them and the cost….but I am delaying the hard talk.

When I mentioned the people/staff in your business, I am not talking about any age or experience issue.  I am talking about members of your staff that are inflexible, unwilling to change or advance.  These are the folks that spend a ton of time on your mind because you are either trying to cajole, or force progression.  They are stuck in the “we have always done it this way” mindset.  They have every right to be stuck there, but should they get your precious time?

Change of things and staff take leadership and guidance.  Can you be at your best as a leader who can delegate if you cannot trust your staff??

Growth requires vision and people not willing to follow and trust a good vision will drain your energy and passion.  Remember, every plant grows better after it is pruned.