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What Is The Reason You Attended This Conference?

I asked this question to just about everyone who stopped by our booth over the last couple of days at the 2022 AHHC Annual Convention & Expo in Raleigh, NC.  Almost everyone answered that they needed information and ideas to deal with their staffing shortage.  The staffing shortage is primarily occurring with Nurses and Aides.

The identified issue of staffing shortage led to a discussion of some of the ideas and innovations, these agency representatives, have attempted. Most mentioned the following:

  • Sign on bonus
  • Increased use of technology (telehealth, etc.)
  • Increase salaries.
  • Flexible Scheduling

These ideas are always the go-to strategies when talking about staffing. What they do not address is staff retention, or the real reasons people take or leave a job.

If you read any articles or survey results on staffing and retention you will always notice, but likely never believe, that salary and renumeration are far down the list of issues for your employees.  They are also never at the top of the list for reasons people leave or take a job. See infographic below.

You must strategize to address some if not all of these to be successful in hiring and retention.