As a home health agency, do you have the resources you need to succeed? Home health outsourcing provides solutions to a variety of complex problems.

Solving Complex Problems in Home Health

I once heard an industry leader make the statement “at its core, Home Health is a logistics business.”  This statement struck a chord in me and has stuck with me. I believe this is 100% true.

At the onset of PDGM, on January 1, 2202, we saw many agencies make the decision to drastically cut therapy visits. This was the result of the therapy visit number no longer adding an obvious financial incentive. We, as an industry, once again showed that we were willing to change practice patterns to “chase” the reimbursement. This kind of activity has led directly to the possibility of a 4.2% reimbursement cut in 2023.

We all learned basic math when we started elementary school. Most of us have advanced degrees and have learned calculus as well as statistics. Had we chosen to answer stats or calculus questions using the math we learned in 1st grade, we likely would not have graduated high school, much less college.

In home health, we now need calculus-level thinking. The problems we face, from visit use to quality reviewing, need to be looked at with expert-level eyes. If we continue to use old knowledge and old ways, we will continue to face repercussions.

We only have 24 hours in every day and as hiring becomes a greater issue in Home Health we all are wearing multiple hats in our agencies. We need to resource outside (outsourced) experts to solve complex problems.

Have you built a bench of experts? Do you know, like, and trust your experts?

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