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Operationalizing Oasis – 3rd Q 2024 Edition



Connecting OASIS Data Collection to Clinical Care and Documentation

Click Here for the O2 Podcast and Product Explanation

This product is a quarterly set of 3 educational videos 15-30 minutes long that are available on demand.

July to September 2024 ** NEW** 

  • Hospital Risk & PLOF
  • Diagnosis and Treatments
  • Bowel Bladder

March to June 2024 (also on sale click here)

  • Pain and Dyspnea
  • Medication Management
  • Payment, Inpatient Facility DC and Caregivers

January to March 2024 (also on sale click here)

  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Delirium, Anxiety and Behavior
  • Swallowing Nutrition Status

October to December 2023 (also on sale click here)

  • Stasis and Surgical Wounds 
  • Patient Characteristics
  • Important Dates

July to September 2023: (also on sale click here)

  • M1800 – Self care
  • M1800 – mobility
  • GG Items

April to June 2023: (also on sale click here)

  • BIMS / M1700 / M1710 – Patient refusals
  • A1005 / A1010 / PHQ 2 – 9 – Use of a proxy
  • N0145 / M2001 / M2003 – Honest reporting

Achieving success in an outcomes-driven environment requires the integration of accurate OASIS data into day-to-day care delivery with efficient and effective documentation. Far too often, clinicians are taught these three key areas as separate activities and struggle to bring them together in a meaningful way.

K&K Health Care Solutions recognizes that clinician time is precious and in short supply. Operationalizing OASIS is designed to provide focused, practical, and actionable education that will engage your team using real-life experiences.

·      OASIS Item(s) Review
·      Care Planning Implications
·      Documentation Tips

Purchase price is inclusive of these 3 sessions per agency. Please share with your entire staff at your agency.