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OASIS Knowledge Assessments


OASIS Knowledge Assessments 

With both payment and outcomes being impacted directly by OASIS data collection, it is imperative that the data accurately reflects the status of the patient. Education of both the clinical and review staff is a critical component of accurate data collection. In order to assess how individuals have understood and applied the education, routine formal knowledge assessments should be conducted in conjunction with the tracking and trending of errors seen during the review process.

K&K Health Care Solutions has created a quarterly OASIS knowledge assessment program that allows agencies to assess both the strengths and weaknesses and focus ongoing education to reduce errors going forward.

Intended for Agency Use – Not Individual Use – MUST CONTACT TO PURCHASECLICK HERE

Features of the Program:

  • Twenty-five question knowledge assessment provided on a quarterly basis
  • Questions are driven by the most current official guidance – including the Q&As
  • Rationale provided for correct (and incorrect) responses with an educational focus
  • One-hour consultation call after completion to discuss results
  • All content created by individuals who hold a current OASIS credential
  • Access to content expertise in a consulting capacity to address agency specific issues
  • Discounted rates on K&K OASIS educational products
  • Agencies can add / remove staff from the program as needed
  • Testing can be done quarterly, semi-annually, or annually based on agency preference 

Time, Cost, and Other Considerations


OASIS Testing:

  • Our fee schedule for one time testing is as follows – $35 per participant
    • Example for 20 participants X $35 = $700
    • Consultation call post test = no additional charge

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