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Defensible Documentation: It’s Not That Complicated



On-Demand Video Series

Series Title – Defensible Documentation: It’s Not That Complicated

Target Audience – RN, PT, OT, SLP, Quality / Reviewer Staff

General Description:

With audits on the rise, agencies are once again feeling the pressure of external scrutiny. K&K Health Care Solutions firmly believes that the topic of “good” documentation has been overcomplicated and clinicians have become complacent. In this series of focused content, 8 key areas of documentation will be broken down into clear actionable items.

Defensible documentation is not about the volume of words but the level of intentionality to show why the care provided was essential.

This set of 8 educational videos is 20 – 30 minutes long and available on demand as a complete package that agencies can use as they see fit.

Content Areas for the Series:

  • D – Defensibility
  • O – Objectivity
  • C – Coordination
  • U – Utilization
  • M – Meaningfulness
  • E – Exercise
  • N – Next Steps
  • T – Teaching

Enjoy this podcast regarding the ongoing need for better documentation in Home Health: