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Confidently Auditing Therapy Documentation – (recorded webinar)



Making sure that what you are auditing is in line with defending your revenue and care.

Title: Confidently Auditing Therapy Documentation: A Primer for Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement & Clinician Proficiency

Length: 60 minutes

Webninar Date and Time: December 2, 2014 from 2:30pm to 3:30pm – Recording Available after LIVE session

Overview: The important task of auditing interdisciplinary documentation is not an easy one. Evaluating the quality of the content for disciplines that are different from the clinical background of the reviewers is especially challenging. With many internal and external reviewers having a background in nursing, therapy documentation can seem like a foreign language. Many agencies have first hand experience with denials and the associated loss of revenue due to “insufficient” therapy documentation but still lack confidence that they can proactively manage the ever-present risks.

This session will provide a solid foundation for auditing the quality of therapy documentation by focusing on the key elements that define and confirm “skilled, reasonable and necessary”. In addition, the Kornetti & Krafft Health Care Solutions’ Quality Therapy Documentation Audit Tool will be included at no extra charge.

Attendees will come away from this session empowered to confidently audit therapy documentation in an effective and efficient manner.

Recording: Recognizing that scheduling a time for education is challenging, Kornetti & Krafft Health Care Solutions will be recording this live session and make it available to participating agencies.

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