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Make the Right Choice for Compliance

Every day we speak with home health leaders that are looking to solve problems in their agency.  Most often they “feel” like they are not performing to their optimal level regarding reimbursement, staff utilization and/or QA (Quality Assurance) flow issues.

These are not all the issues home health leaders face, but they are by far the most common.

As a home health leader, you do not have infinite resources to throw at the issues mentioned.  We are all trying to decrease administrative and clinical costs to maximize profits and efficiency. Therefore, many agencies have sought outside assistance to solve these issues.

Key questions you should address:

1.      How is your outside assistance working?

2.      Are you receiving what was promised?

3.      Have you given up on the idea of outsourcing?

We hear, weekly, about the struggle agencies have with their outsourced resources.  We often encourage agencies to take a deep dive into the contract and expectations that they have and seek to maximize their return on investment.  Also, if needed, change vendors and partners.

In the outsourcing and consultation space there are many options.  There is, not a one-size, or one company fits all choice.

Outsourcing is a great alternative as there are many positive returns you should expect.  Do not give up on this concept just because you may have not picked the right vendor.

At K&K Health Care Solutions, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations of our outsourced partners.

 We partner with our agencies and embed education and consulting into our services to ensure your agency will improve organically, while we are in business with you. 

We prepare our partners for the ever-changing landscape of agency management and assist in making tough decisions.

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