a man hugging his computer

Fully Embrace Technology

Do you have a technology “ambassador?”

While I know most of you have IT (Information Technology) experts in your agency, either in house or contracted.  Do you have someone who bridges the gap between computers and clinical practice?  This individual has a full understanding of what occurs in the home and what technology (computers, care devices, etc.) must be utilized in the home?

We are still dealing with a generational gap where computers are concerned.  I would venture to say that if you look at your staff you would likely see an equal divide between those that grew up with personal computing and those that did not.

The “gap” means that you are likely not optimally efficient when it comes to technology.  In fact, I saw a photo on Facebook today showing paper print outs of the BIMS and new OASIS-E.  That’s right paper!!! This despite the entire manual and OASIS E being available on the computer device that this clinician will be inputting documentation for their visit.  We still fight the resistance of clinical staff to take computer devices into the home and document as they treat, all the while knowing that after visit documentation equals errors and omissions.

Create a position with a knowledgeable staff member to bridge your tech gap.  Show your clinicians the way to more efficient point of care documentation.  This will improve timeliness and accuracy in a very tangible way.

As we begin to collect data in OASIS E regarding our patient’s health literacy, we must start with ourselves.  Are we as fluent as we need to be to embrace and efficiently utilize all the tools available for an improved outcome in Home Health?

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