Face to Face Checklist

If you feel a little bit of tension in the cute photo above, it does not compare to the level of tension surrounding the Face to Face requirement in Home Health.

Are you cutting corners on your Face to Face (F2F) documentation in an attempt to move charts through to claim status? We consult with providers every day about how much detail needs to be present in an appropriate F2F document. It’s imperative that you use the correct F2F for the episode of care you are providing.

One big issue is the timing of the F2F. A patient can have their F2F visit for Home Health as much as 90-days prior to admission to 30 days after admission. This is a 4-month window. As we all know, much can change in the life and health of a patient within a 4 month window.

Remember, coding has to match the F2F. The ICD-10 codes you put on your claim must match the reason for HH on the F2F.This is not negotiable, but can get messy when you are dealing with mandatory coding conventions and rules.

A proper F2F is outlined in the new checklist provided by Palmetto GBA. If you try to manipulate a F2F to retro fit an episode of care in HH, your claim can be denied. Denials due to improper F2F continues to be the second biggest reason for claim denial on review. The biggest reason is failure of an agency to submit a chart for reconsideration in the appropriate time frame. Stay compliant and avoid claim denials!

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