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Culture, Hiring and Retention

As I drive around my town and stay abreast of our industry, I have noticed a plethora of “Now Hiring” signs and posts.  It seems that everyone has job openings.

There is a saying by Peter Drucker that says, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  This is most true in hiring and retention of employees.  Almost every survey you read states that, amount of pay, is rarely the reason an employee leaves a job.  Compensation is very important, but it is not the most important aspect of employee recruitment, hiring and retention.

Many of the highest ranked workplaces do not offer the highest rates, but they offer a great culture.  They make employees feel like an integral part of the team and they feel they have an impact on the success and direction of a company.  While it is important that we pay a living wage to the lower earning members of our team, at the very least, we must add reasons for commitment and investment of all members of the team.

There is a fable that goes:

In a ham and cheese omelet, the Chicken is involved, but the Pig, is invested.  You want to hire and retain Pigs.

That fable is the only time you would ever get away with referring to your potential and current employees as Pigs, but it is a great reminder.

Finding your Pigs is crucial.