Home Health Care Consulting

In addition to education and auditing services, K&K Health Care Solutions provides individual home health care consulting to assist agencies in search of a reliable outside perspective. More than just a conversation, follow up and actionable tools are included as indicated to maximize the value of the time spent.

Utilization Management

Home health agencies must determine the needs of each individual patient and develop a plan to best meet them. Clinicians can fall into patterns of frequency and duration that do not appear to be based on the patient and can be resistant to efforts to explore other ways of managing patients in an episodic model. K&K Health Care Solutions facilitated those efforts based on best practices and connections to positive patient outcomes.

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Operationalizing Regulations

Reading and understanding a regulation and successful and consistent implementation can be a challenge to even the most experienced agency. The amount of information can be overwhelming and confusing. K&K Health Care Solutions assists agencies as they build or update their policies and procedures and provide actionable strategies to engage clinicians in compliance efforts.

Leadership Effectiveness

Being a leader in home health is no easy task. Finding a support system can ease the burden and help validate when industry information is accurate or when it is not. K&K Health Care Solutions provides flexible options to assist agency leaders at all levels to reach their goals.

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Knowledge Assessments

Objectively determining how well staff understand key concepts allows agencies to determine the most appropriate plan for follow-up. If a knowledge gap is pervasive, the education needs to encompass the group. If it is limited to a few individuals, it is better to address it with them then bring everyone together for training that some do not need. K&K Health Care Solutions has developed a program of on-demand tools to assess knowledge that includes consultative time to develop next steps.

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Virtual Interim Management

There are times when a home health agency needs assistance with specific leadership roles. K&K Health Care Solutions can partner with agencies to manage many of these areas for them. We provide data analysis, documentation reviews, clinical development and remote support based on the needs and goals of the agency. We can be the liaison between a home health care management agency and the clinical staff to ensure expectations are met and that the highest quality is achieved.